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Team Discount Package! Preventive Controls Food Safety Training for Your Entire Team

Who Should Purchase A Package?

This is a great opportunity for companies to train their entire food safety team! Have your food safety team leader take the required FDA training for the role of Preventive Control Qualified Individual and provided his/ her support team with the necessary knowledge to support the PCQI and understand the Preventive Controls Human Food (PCHF) Rule language.

You can simply use the corresponding voucher code depending on how many members of your team you need to train.

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How Do I Create My Food Safety Team Course Package? 

Create your package by going to the course pages and adding the number of courses you need to your shopping cart. At check out, add the corresponding voucher code to the order, click “recalculate” and receive the discount off all courses purchased.

Ex. Have 10 members of your team that need to be trained? Through this team package offer, you will save $1,275 off our normal pricing.

Course Description

In this exciting updated version, ImEpik developed a 20-hour self-paced PCQI Online course, which is the first in a FSMA series, designed to prepare Preventive Control Qualified Individuals (PCQIs) for FSMA and the Preventive Control for Human Food (PCHF) rule. The ImEpik PCQI Online course is an interactive, assessment-based online learning environment that trains food-processing employees for the global food manufacturer industry. This course contains material meeting the alternative training allowed in the PCHF rule, plus additional interactive content and ability to take the course at your own pace.

PCQI Online V2.0’s Newest Features:

  • Our new version is updated with FDA Guidance on the FSMA PCHF Rule since its original release in 2015
  • Learners can choose sector-specific scenarios in baking, produce, dairy, cannabis-infused edible/ confectionary (chocolate bar), or ready-to-eat to practice and apply their knowledge.

The course supports the learning experience with voice-over-narration, animated videos, sequential content, remediation and interactive exercises complimented by an online study manual covering specific parts of the regulations, cGMPs, and supplementary material for each module.

Working through product-specific case scenarios, trainees are placed in practical plant situations that culminate with development of a food safety plan outline and a comprehensive final examination. With a computer or tablet and an internet connection, the PCQI Online training experience allows professionals to be trained as a food safety qualified individual using a cost-effective online solution that uses strong instructional methods with proven assessment techniques to meet or exceed traditional learning method courses.


Course Modules

Module One
The Food Safety Modernization Act: Advancing Prevention Focused Food Safety Systems

Module Two
Personnel: Roles and Responsibilities for Food Safety

Module Three
Identifying & Evaluating Hazards in the Production Environment

Module Four
Hazard Analysis and The Process Flow Diagram

Module Five
The Written Food Safety Plan

Module Six
Sanitation, Allergen and Environmental Controls

Module Seven
Supply Chain Controls

Module Eight
The Recall Plan and Recordkeeping with Related Rules

Module Nine
Putting it all Together – Building the Food Safety Plan

Module Ten
Food Safety Plan Outline: Final Project

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