Office Professional

Who Should Take This Course?

This ten module program is aimed at those who wish to become proficient in digital skills needed to secure a position and succeed in an office environment.

Course Description

ImEpik, in partnership with ICanDo Learning, is an innovative e-learning company dedicated to helping people around the globe to learn new digital skills and to thrive and prosper in an increasingly connected world.

This nine module program teaches the learner how to employ all the major office applications to a professional standard. The rich learning content is reinforced through short interactive tests throughout the program. Following successful completion of all modules and tests the learner is granted the I-CANDO Office Professional Certification.

Course Modules

Module 1 – Concepts of IT
Module 2 – Computer Operations
Module 3 – Word Processing
Module 4 – Spreadsheets
Module 5 – Databases
Module 6 – Presentations
Module 7 – Online Professional Skills
Module 8 – Computer Security in the Workplace
Module 9 – Productivity Management
Module 10 – Social Media in the Workplace

Price: $125.00