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In today’s continuously evolving economy, employers are increasingly finding skill gaps between their needs and available employee skill sets. In order to bridge these gaps, innovative and market-driven workforce training is needed to meet ever-changing employment demands.

ImEpik, a market-driven and research-based online training company, facilitates skills training for workforce development training around the world. With this increased emphasis on accessible and innovative training, ImEpik offers a unique advantage in providing effective training for you, your employees, your association members, or your clients to compete in today’s global market. ImEpik is here to support you in becoming “Epic” in your career, your education, your life.

We provide engaging and applicable research based training and support to promote and foster student success and workforce training globally through innovative technology.

By providing a unique learning experience that allows you to learn at your pace, ImEpik assists you in accomplishing your goals both personally and professionally. ImEpik offers you the opportunity of “Learning at the Speed of Life.”

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ImEpik goes beyond your average training provider!

Practical workforce development training

Ensuring industry training requirements are met, so you have the knowledge and skills to succeed in your current or desired career.


Allowing training on different platforms (mobile, tablet), in different languages, or addressing various learning styles or challenges (e.g., dyslexia, color-blindness).

Interactive activities

Utilizing the latest technology ImEpik develops interactive on-line project based learning activities to simulate the work place environment.

Competency-based assessment

Providing you confidence that you know the information you need to succeed in your career.

Certificates of Completion

Earning a certificate of completion that you can provide to a current or future employer to show competency in the skills and knowledge needed in your industry.

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ImEpik goes beyong your average training provider.
ImEpik offers you the opportunity of “Learning at the Speed of Life.”